HP-42S Keyboard Repairs


I read with some interest the discussion about repairing a 32E. I've got a 42s which is fairly early (with the plastic protector over the LCD). Its problem is the 8 button and some top-row keys don't always register until they are pushed a few times...it also has some dust on the inside of the plastic display protector. It has done a lot of work (surveying) in dusty places without, at first, being protected too carefully. It has never de-programmed when the batteries get low, unlike my other two, so it's my favorite. I still use it (partly to save the others) but the button problem is a major nuisance.

Can this be repaired? Richard


This year will mark the fifth year of the discontinuation of the 42S (1995). This means this is the last year that HP will offer support for your calculator (if it's not already too late).

If I were you, I'd send it to HP ASAP for repair. They will obviously tell you that it (Pioneer series) cannot be repaired, but will offer a new replacement of the same model for a fee of around $70~$100 (again, if it's not too late). This is how they have resolved repair issues for the last several years.

If you don't want to bother with it, I'd be more than happy to buy that 'ol broken calculator from you. If I thought hard enough, I could probably find "something" useful to do with it ;-)

Matt lanrek@attglobal.net


Thanks for two helpful replies! I guess I'll check out HP first...maybe I'm not too late. It's a little complicated though, I'm in Greece. I guess it's clear that in either case I'll have to re-program this machine which, as I said, has NEVER de-programmed before! My "outdoor" programs use all but about 400 bytes...it'll keep me busy for while.

Thanks again, Richard

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