Hi somebody can send me a direction of i can download a emulator for PC of 49G+ thanks an sorry for my bad english


Why not just use 49G? There certainly is not much different in functions performed....


This probably won't help much, but here is the rom:



hablas espanol. Puedes encontrar un emulador en HPCALC.ORG si sabes suficiente ingles, lo podras encontrar.
Si no escribeme a : suffer002@yahoo.com

espero que esto the ayude. Perdon por mi baja diccion en Espanol. Sorry about my bad ( low diction ) Spanish


He asked for a 49g+ emulator, currently n/a, even in hpcalc.org


As the 49G+ uses an ARM CPU (same as in PDAs?) you have to emulate that. May be you need the WinCE-SDK from M$ (300MB) as for the Xpander <VBG>. No - I don't know realy.

For shure you are better off with the EMU48 to emulate the HP49G. Then take a photo of the 49G+ as 'faceplate' and adjust the KML.


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