Hp 38S II vs. 48GX


We have used the 38SII for years at work. We use it because of the programming features: Label, input, etc. How can I convert these types of programs to the 48GX. I am no calculator guru and I don't have days to sit and try to figure this one out!
Any help would be appreciated.


I assume you mean "32SII" since there's no such thing as a "38SII".

The quick answer to your question is "You don't convert the programs." The 32SII is a classic HP "keystroke programmable" calculator that records sequences of keystrokes. The 48GX takes an entirely different approach; you write programs using a small built-in text editor and the syntax and operation of the system is totally different.

Basically, you'd have to figure out exactly what the programs on the 32SII do and rewrite them from scratch for the 48GX.


Well, I suppose this is a bit time consuming, but you could sort of "translate" the function of the particular keystroke of a 32SII program to some command in the (what, RPL?) language of the 48GX, or set of commands that would accomplish the same task or action. Unfortunately, this would require that programming the 48GX is mastered to some degree in addition to knowing how to program a 32SII.

Incidentally, I am currently (and very slowly, mind you) trying to do that for programs I had already erased on my 32SII onto a 48G. Unfortunately, this last beastie has very little RAM (32K).


You probably mean the 32SII, which has has been discontinued by HP. There is no simple way to port 32SII programs to the 48GX. The programs would have to be rewritten.

HP is supposed to introduce a new model, the 33S, in October or November 2003. It appears that this new model will resemble the old 32SII, but with much more memory; it is possible that it may be able to run 32SII programs. But the 33S is not yet available, so no guarantees.


Or you could mean the 38G. Either way, the 48G series is totally different. I suspect you do mean the 32sII. The Hp48G series has a lot of programs that are FREE and available at hpcalc.org . You could just download your program if it is available there (which it probably is). This site makes the 48/49 series worth twice their price. It is a tremendous contribution to Hp calculators (as is this site also).


There is no way to port programs to a 48Gx if the program was originally written for the 32SII or the 38G.
Both of those calc have " lower class" porgraming languages, compared to the User RPL, the programmability is quite simple. You should write the propurse of the program,it specific features and resolts. And after that program your 48GX.
Probably the program that you wrote,is a built in command in the 48GX. So scan the 48Gx and then go for the programs.




I should have been working, but I was surf... ahem, reading, and I came across this. I didn't follow up on it, but the site has links and you just might find what I think you may be after regarding "translating" 32SII programs to the 48GX:


I hope this is useful.


Hi Cora,

Well, here is another approach: you can run an emulator of the hp41c (or cv or cx) on your 48gx. I have been doing this for about 2 weeks, and it is really pretty neat. The 41 series is closer to the 32sii--it uses GTO and is RPN not RPL. For the "Input" command, you insted use the PROMPT command followed by STO xx where xx is a storage register. The registers are numbered instead of lettered, though the first 10 registers are implicitly lettered. I like the "Input" command of the 32sii though, as it is such a fast streamlined way to go, but if you put PROMPT on a user key on the 41c, you can code an input pretty fast (less typing).

If however you happen to use equations within your programs on the 32sii, that does not translate well to the 41c--you have to put the equation into a subroutine in RPN (using horner's method or other if need be).

The long of the short of it is that there is no easy way!

But some RPN programs translate very easily to RPL--skipping hte 41c emulator approach. I'll post some of the ones I have done, in a later post.




Do you know a free 41 emu for the 48?


Raul L


Hi Raul!

Yes, from HPcalc.org:


If you cannot get it to download for some reason, I'll send it to you.

Let me know how iy goes!

BTW, I tried it out first on the emu48---all you have to do is drag the file over on top of emu48 and there it is on the stack!

I uploaded it to the real HP48gx with no problems, either, and saved it to both port and system memory without any trouble. I also made up a keyboardd template (do you know where to get more of them for the HP48?!)

Best regards,



When I read your first post I quickly looked for it in hpcalc... without success. So thanks for the link, Bill.
About Emu48, yes it's a blessing. I always have a backup of my real calc in Emu and the new programs, are tested on it.
Sorry about the templates... I saw some of them once in ebay...but I don't have more info.

Thanks again and best regards

Raul L


There is much advanced version of emu 41 for HP-48GX and HP-49G on http://hrastprogrammer.tripod.com/HP41X. It is called HP-41X but I think it comes from the same author. Alse, an HP-42S emulator exists on http://hrastprogrammer.tripod.com/HP41X which is more close to the HP-32SII than HP-41 emulator. Sadly, these emulators are not free :-(


Neither available! I was there several times, but there is no more support/download there. Any other place to download?




Hmmm... Never mind.... I was wrong. I think that he re-activated it...



I had forgotten where that souped-up version was! I wonder if he is going to develop a new version for the 49G+ (or maybe it won't be necessary).

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