Has the HP12C improved in chip speed over the years?


My finance prof said this in class but I wonder if it's really true? Is an HP12C bought today faster than 1 made, say, 15 years ago?

(This would be reason to buy newer ones)

Thx if u know


No. A 12C bought today is no faster than the very first one off the production line.

Now, the 12C Platinum, a new version, uses a different processor and is faster for most things. However, a number of bugs have been discovered in the Platinum version and most HP fanatics prefer the original.


over the years, the 12c internals have undergone several cost reduction changes. down to 1 chip now, i think.

shrinking the chip: does that mean it could be run faster at the same power consumption as before? and if so, why didnt they because "running" looks awfully antique these days.


It is my understanding that they increased the speed, but the businesspeople to whom they showed it did not trust the quicker answers. So they slowed it back down.

This could be legend, though.

-Joshua Belsky


Can anyone tell me when they switched the 12C from double-shot molded keys to painted-on legends? I have in front of me a 1995 Singapore model with painted keys.


Cost (i.e. to increase profits).

Also, for some strange reason, HP would paint over double-injection molded keys. See http://www.hpmuseum.org/collect.htm#variations and scroll down to "10C Series Versions."

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