Reminder of Portland Meeting


Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz and I will be at the Portland Powell's bookstore at 3PM tomorrow (Tuesday the 23rd.) We'll grab a table in the coffee shop and generally look mathematical so you can spot us ;-) (We'll try to have some calculators in sight.)

We hope to see you there!


Sorry, but Switzerland is a little bit to far from you. We also had a nice meeting last Saturday (christoph Klug and me will make a report).
So, enjoy cour community.. abd best greetings to you and Wlodek..



I'll be there.

Are there any reports yet from last weekend's HP Handhelds Conference?


Would Wlodek please contact me off list at


Only to say how much I regret being so far from Portland...

Maybe in a future meeting (if economy, schedules and so are more favorable)... and also if we can plan with a couple of months advance notice...

I hope you enjoy a fun and warm meeting, as a more than deserved recognition reward. Have my best wishes for all attending!

(Please disregard idiomatic mistakes if the wording is not the most proper)


Andrés> (Please disregard idiomatic mistakes if the wording is not the most proper).

Are you joking Andrés? Your messages are always proper! You have better English writing skills (sentence structure, grammar, spelling, etc..) than many Americans, myself included. Your messages are informative, helpful, and always polite and kind. Don't apologize for anything, friend.


P.S. FWIW, I do plan on being at Powell's this afternoon. (Please disregard idiomatic mistakes if the wording (FWIW: For What Its Worth) is not the most proper ;-).


Thank you, Matt, your encouragement is very welcome indeed.

Many times, after reading some responses, I had the feeling such as "I didn't find the right way to say it".

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