I just acquired a 10BII from a sell-off of a shop.

Actually I like this calculator. It would just be great if it were also RPN. I like the display, the voyager-like keys, the smooth edges, anf the sliver bezel. The keys are easy to read.

I've read a lot of flaming about recent HP's, and even if I definitely regret the 42S and the voyager series, I have to say that the recent ones are not that bad.

The 33S seems to be great, the 49G is a hell of a machine though the keyboard is just crap (let's wait for the 49G+ or whatever it is).

Let's be positive and encourage HP going further in the right direction, who knows, maybe there is a HP guy of the calculators department who will realize our dreams...


You're right, this machine looks very nice.
Now, just type on it...


I have one, bought "as is" at Office Despot (Ahhh say, that there's a joke, son!) Its keyboard is firm and responsive. It doesn't convey the feeling of "mass" that older HP keys offer, but it's waaaaaaay better than those of the 6s & 30s examples I've tried.

If the newer H-P's offer keyboards as good as this (and if they last a while), I'd say it'll be a step in the right direction.

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