41cx US Govt sticker on back


Greetings. I picked up a 41CX on eBay that has a small bar code sticker on the back that says "SVAD U.S. GOVT Authorized Removal Only." Anyone have an idea where this 41 came from? Maybe Bill Clinton used it to pick up chicks and then sold it on eBay before Hillary found it? Regards, Paul.


No, that would be the HP-41SEX.

It looks like this would be an inventory tag for the SaVanna Army Depot. It also looks like this is an EPA site.


The calculator is very likely contaminated. You really ought to dispose of it by sending it to the:

LED HP-41CX Superfund Disposal Corp

13819 River Keg Dr

Houston, TX 77083

Mark Hardman

Edited: 21 Sept 2003, 10:57 p.m.




Savanna Army Depot, Savanna, IL

Got a 55 passenger bus driver license there by driving around huge empty lot without hitting anything.

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