...and the winner is.... (about 48's screen colours)


A month ago I bought a spare 48GX. As it is new, it has black screen. Then I posted something like "the new screen is slightly better, not much better...".
Well, after four weeks of testing, I have decided to use the new black screen unit, and keep my old blue unit in home as a backup...
Now, when I look to the old blue one, I can see it clearly: the new screen is definitly better.



I agree. I have both units and only use the newer black screen one. It definetly has better contrast. Very important since as I get older, I find I really need the extra contrast.


I found that my 48SX version C is very difficult to read the screen.


I jsut get my first HP-48S and if i take my 48GX side by side, i can see they are blue . But when i tried to adjust the contrast of my 48S, the background also get darker and the result is not so clear. On my 48G, the contrast adjustement is good, even if it's blue : the background stay clear (until high contract at least). Is it normal for a 48S blue LCD vs a 48G blue LCD too?


Edited: 19 Sept 2003, 5:30 p.m.


Both my 48SX and 48GX have a blue LCD display. Like you have noticed the GX is much better than the SX.


Anybody know, when HP changed the blue sceen to the black one at the 48GX ?

Thomas, Germany

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