HP48GX, missing alarm beep



I own a new HP48GX. All is working fine, except the alarm beep.
During a alarm there is now beep. The alarm flags are set, but nevertheless, no beep is to hear.

When I do wrong inputs, the HP48 beeps. Also the beep comand with time and frequencies is working, except the alarm beep :-(

What I´m doing wrong?

B.t.w. the calculator has the newes ROM-Version ´R´.

Thanks for helping..

Thomas, Germany


If flag -57 is set then the alarm beep is disabled. Clear it with -57 CF and I'll bet your alarm beep starts working.


you loose :-(

I set the flag, that the alarm beep is on. But it didn´t help. The beep is still missing during the alarm.
I will continue playing.
With other commands and with wrong inputs, the beep works. Only with the alarm it didn´t.
Strange..isn´t it?

Thomas, Germany


Well, maybe if you clear flag -57...



Use the reset hole under a rubber feet if you don'T worry about loosing memory...


Hi all,
thank´s for all the hints.

Either I´m to stupid for this calculator or somthing is

I tried in the meantime:
- Reset (by switch under the rubber foot
- Set and canceled the flag 57
- set the alarm direct after the calculator reset
- and so on........

The result, the alarm didn´t beep. I think I have to live with it :-)

Thomas, Germany


Make sure it's flag -57 and not 57 that you're clearing -- the minus sign is required. Negative flags are system flags, whereas positive flags are user flags. The alarm beep is controlled by a system flag.


it works...

I know now why it didn´t work before.
When I set a alarm and insert a alarm message, the beep is
Without a message...the beep comes during a alarm.

I think it´s mentioned in the manual.

How I can handle the 48 when I even understand the beep
funktions, I should stay at may good old HP41CX with card
reader :-))

It´s realy nice, that you stay in contact with such guys as
me :-)).....

Have a nice day!!!

Thomas, Germany


Appointment alarms cause the alarm beep. For the alarm to be an
appointment alarm, the "alarm message" has to be a character string;
that is, text enclosed by double-quotation marks, as in: "HELLO". If you
leave the message field in the input form empty, then an empty character
string, "", is entered for you, so that causes it to be an appointment

Any other type of alarm object causes the alarm to be treated as an execution
alarm, which doesn't cause an alarm beep. For example, if you enter:
HELLO (without quotation marks) into the message field, it will be
treated as an execution alarm. Execution alarm objects are usually
programs or global variable names for programs.

You could use a program object which explicitly executes the BEEP
command as the alarm object. Of course, for the BEEP command to be
effective, the standard beep has to be turned on; that is, flag -56 must
be clear.


Edited: 22 Sept 2003, 5:47 a.m.


Thank you all for your kind help !


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