Does HP-42X work on the new HP-49G+?



Has anyone tried using HP-42X on the new HP-49G+? Does it work well? (The idea of a HP-42S that is 3-5 times faster than the original is appealing to me...)

Best regards,
Erik Ehrling (Sweden)


Send me the files and I will test it., remove DO NOT SPAM before sending


Hi Erik,
Here is my reply to your post in comp.sys.hp48.

(First reply)

Hi Erik,
I just downloaded it and it seems to be running okay. I haven't done any thorough testing yet, but I haven't seen any major issues. The header on the 49G+ remains at the top at all times, as usual. The HP42X screen fits nicely underneath this header so there aren't any display issues.

I did, however, notice that when you exit the emulator with !BYE or ON-F6, the screen clouds up for a second and then clears up and returns to the stack. Nothing is lost or corrupted in the emulator or the 49G+, but it isn't pretty to watch.

I'll let you know if I find anything else.


(Second reply)

The version I tested in my previous post was the HP42X49E version. I just tried it with the extended version and it doesn't work. I downloaded the HP42X file to the 49G+, stored it in port 1, where it showed up fine, then
did ON-C, then recieved the XQ42 file. Tried to run the emulator and the emulator screen shows for a fraction of a second, then the calculator turns off. I turned the calculator back on and I got "Error: Object Not in Port".
I checked port 1 and it was deleted either by the emulator or the calculator (I'm guessing the calculator).

It might be wishful thinking, but it seems like the 49G+ handles critical errors more elegantly, instead of "Memory Clear" messages. I'll prove this point more when I start doing more programming :)


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