Random number generated on a 32sii


Have any of you written a random number generating program for a 32sii? Specifically generating an integer between say 1 to 5? I don't have the manual and wonder if it could be already in existance?

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It has a random number generator from 0 to 1(Prob -> R). Couldn't you just use a linear transform of that, i.e.,

Your Random Number = 1 + (4*R)


I think you would need to compute 1+int(5*R) to get a random integer in the range 1..5. Most random number generators produce fractions from zero to one, including zero but not including one.





Try it:

LBL R        #random
INPUT N #how many Nums?
INPUT I #mInimum?
INPUT A #mAximum?
LBL J #jump here
RCL sub I
RCL add I
PSE #put another PSE, if it too fast

'add', 'sub', 'mul', 'div' mean
'add', 'substract', 'multiple' and 'divide' in this order.


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