Old HP calculators in stock


I have found some HP calculators in a bookshop (an old stock) I have asked for the price and this is the result:

HP 41CV halfnut: 250 eur.
HP 28S: 200 eur.
HP 27S: 100 eur.

Prices are based on the price they had when they were in production (paid by the bookshop) and must be confirmed because the responsible didn´t know what to do with them . Anyway I don´t think it is possible to get a great discount.

All of them are New in Box, but I think they are too expensive. What do you think?.




I think the price is very fair for the 27S - I'd love to finally get one of those, myself! It's one of the few Pioneers I just *cannot* find.

The CV is also probably more than fair, the NOS 41CX machines are regulalry getting > $300 prices.

I can't say much about the 28S- While NIB is rather rare, it seems about 50EUR high for my enteric response. (psych joke.)


i think i would love a nib 28s for 50 euro. about 80 dollars right.


Tell me how to buy them .. Please, Here is my e-amil: suffer002a@yahoo.com


Take the 41CV and the 27S, forget the 28S.

Don't forget that these are mint items, so at this price it's quite a bargain.


Tell me how to buy them .. Please, Here is my e-amil: lamewing@(nospamplease)sbcglobal.net



Hi everybody:

I have got several proposals related to trade these calculators, buying them from other countries...
Ok! I am not interested on them at those prices and I will not organize any contact with the bookshop´s owner. Please understand it is an small shop in Spain and they don´t speak english.
Anyway if somebody is interested and pays their price plus paypal fees and delivery cost I can do it for you. In fact the bookshop is very close to my home.

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