Trading on Meeting in Basel


On behalf of Matthias I installed a classified ads section on my home page. Visitors are invited to use this ads in order to prepare any trades on this event.

Cheers Daniel



This URL ( is dead for me since today? Has anybody still access?



Hi Christoph,

Many thanks for letting me know. It seems I have been suspended from FORTUNE CITY. They can just delete any home page which doesn't comply with the rules. If that happened I don't see what I did wrong. The only thing I remarked when calling my classified ads from the office is that our firewall blocked a popup or something which is on their "black list". Does anybode have more experience with this kind of problems. It was my first attempt whith a free webhsting service. I'll possibly change to another provider. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I still got the classified ads. I'll se what I can do with them.

Best Regards Daniel


Free web-hosting services often prohibit any sort of commercial or profit-making activities. They might have misinterpreted your classified ads as some kind of business activity. Perhaps it would help if you email them and explain the real purpose of your ads.


Not for Daniel's home page, but I can still edit my ad.

BTW: I also have an edit button in your ad. The other ads from Christoph K., Matthias, and Daniel only have their email link, of course. How come?


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