HP 71b Metal-back vs Plastic Back: Robustness


I recently managed to acquire an HP 71b, metal back version, dated 1984 (sw version 1BBBB). I have read almost everything on the 71b found in the forum archives since I got this model and the consensus seems to be that the plastic back version is much more robust, and even if it does go faulty, it is straightforward to open up and repair. Contrast this with the metal back version which appears to have a flexible connector which is prone to corrosion, and if it goes faulty then is awkward to open up and repair. So, I am wondering, is the metal back version really that bad compared to the plastic back one? Is this corrosion due to extensive use outdoors, in wet or humid climates?

Any other plus and minuses to the metal back version?


I have 3 71B's, all with metal backs and no corrosion problems. I suspect that the plastic back was for cost saving.


Hi Gordon,

How long have you had your 71b's and have you used them extensively?


I liked the look and spec of the 71B during the late 1980's but never used one. Then 2 years ago I saw one advertised and bought it, then 2 more! I havent used them extensively but just occasionally I find some time to have a go.

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