HP Conference in Orange County CA - 9/20-21


I have no connection to the organizers, but I just wanted to pass the word that this year's HP Handheld Conference will be held in Newport Beach, CA this year on Sat./Sun., Sept 20/21. This is the premiere HP calculator and handheld device users event held every year by a diehard collection of HP enthusiasts/volunteers. This year, HP itself will be there, talking about and showing off their newest calculators. For more information, visit their site at http://holyjoe.net/hhc2003/index.htm
The event cost is probably going to be about $50 for the two days. Word has it that HP may even be footing the bill for the conference dinner on Sat.


It would have been nice to have known about this a couple of weeks ago, to save on air fare, etc. (I've relatives in So. Cal. & could have made a very economical trip of it . . . )

What should I watch for early info regarding next year's event?


Hi Paul,

The website of Joe Horn (holyjoe.net) is the one to watch. Every year around june Joe updates the site with information on that years event.
Or watch newsgroup coms.sys.hp48. When the dates are set the newsgroup receives a post.



Jake Schwartz gave the info in this Forum this past June.

Early Warning Here

Watch Holyjoe.org, as mentioned, or join a discussion list for more info or warnings.

Dan M.

Edited: 8 Sept 2003, 3:36 p.m.


Well, I guess I missed it . . .

Thanks to those who've posted the announcements, and I'll keep my antennae up for similar posts in the future. (I suppose if I frequented a few more sites, I might be a bit better informed!)


Man, I would really love to go to this, but the cost of the conference and a hotel room is rather prohibitive for a college student. *sigh*, I'll probably just suck it up and pay, but I at least want to check into all of my options. Let me know if there is any assistance available; thanks.

Brandon Del Bel


Unfortunately the conference is paid for by a bunch of HP calculator users like you and me who just hope to break even. This is definitely not a high-powered, business type affair. No COMDEX here. Just a bunch of HP fanatics (and you know who you are) -- many who were there when the HP thing got started 30 years ago. I'm a newbie when it comes to this. So I look in awe at their continued efforts! Take a look at the type of presentations to get a good feel for the type of conference it will be: http://holyjoe.net/hhc2003/index.htm -- towards the bottom of the page.


yeah.. I just had to ask anyway; hopefully I'll be able to split a room with someone to cut costs.

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