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I have an early (1980) HP32E that it in mint condition physically but... needs to be tapped for the display to work properly. From what I have gathered from this site the unit's chips are not soldered. Could this be causing my problem? The power switch is clean and I rebuilt the NICAD pack but am scared to ruin this thing by forcing it to come apart- even if it does come apart OK can it be cured? Thanks, Mark


In my class at school in the late nineties we bought about 10 HP32Es.

Shortly after the one year warranty was over, segments and characters began to fail due to oxide buildup on the flexible pcbs. HP repaired the first ones that were sent in for free, but when mine failedafter 18 months they wouldn't. When I tried to solder the display to the flexi print, the print separated into several layers, which was the end of my first HP calculator.

That sandwich structure was bad engineering. Be careful when you solder on that flexi print.

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