Using disposable batteries in a 82143A printer?


Hi everyone,

Do anyone of you know wether it is possible to use disposable batteries (cells) in the 82143a thermal printer?

The standard rechargeable battery pack I got is dead, and I would like the possibility to use the printer without any external power source (like my matching HP-41CV where I just put disposable N cells).

The holder for the 4 batteries is intact, I am wondering wether I can open it and put some disposable batteries (something like a AA cells, but thicker) in it?

Thanks in advance,


If you are going to the bother to open the battery holder, why not just stick in some Sub-C rechargeables? It's easy and these batteries are readily available.

Why do you prefer disposable over rechargeable?


Thanks Mike, I'll follow your advice.

I'll also need to find a 110V-to-220V convertor (US-Europe) but that's very easy and cheap to obtain.

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