HP 9114B Battery Problems ???


I need to use my HP-IL type HP 9114B Disk Drive. The Battery is dead and will not take a charge. Can I remove the battery back and connect up an external power (Such as 1.5 Volt alkaline D-Cells via jumper wires with alligator clips) source.

I really need to use it, sooner than I can have the battery pack rebuilt.


The battery is a 6V lead acid battery, and unfortunately the drive will not operate once it's dead.

I have disassembled my battery pack in order to rebuild it. I'll check the wiring when I get home, and then I'll get back to you...

Cheers, Victor


I was able to get a lead-acid 6V lantern battery from Radio Shack and was able to use it. I removed the existing battery from the battery pack, attached wires to the connections to the original battery pack via alligator clips, ran the wires out of the battery pack, and attached the wires to the 6V lantern battery. I was able to plug in the charger to recharge the battery, then use the drive normally.

I would imaging attaching wires to a normal 6V lantern battery would work OK as long as you didn't try to recharge it.


The lead acid cell is 2.0 Amp-hours. Four "D" cells should work just fine... just don't hook up the charger.


Does anyone know exactly of a battery part number (Radio Shack, Intestate Batteries, etc.) that I can buy to wire internally to replace the sealed lead acid cells. I may gett by tonight on flashlight cellls, but I should make it more permanant.

Any hints? THANKS!


The connector inside the battery pack compartment on a 9114 is a 6V DC input. I forget the polarity, but if you pull the cover off the drive unit itself (4 TX9 screws on the bottom), you can see the wires to the back of the connector -- red is positive.
You can use an external 6V supply, but the 9114 draws a considerable current (well over 1A at times), so I doubt if normal D cells would work. A 6V bench supply will, though.



AFAIK, this is the substitution battery for the original Panasonic LCR-226P (no longer available).

You can find the PowerSonic PS-628 in several places, the above is only an example from a Google search.



check your email. I just replied via email.

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