HP printer paper supplies (HP 82240B)


I just purchased an infrared printer (Model HP82240B) which comes with a few rolls of paper. My question is, where do I get additional supplies of paper for this machine? Is the only source eBay or is this a reasonable standard item that can be found in office supply stores?

I've looked under the Museum pages (learned my lesson) and couldn't find any mention of paper supply sources.


Any office supply store, like Office Depot, will have paper for thermal printers. The last pack I got was a generic pack of 8 rolls for about $5.00. I have had no problems using the generic types of thermal paper.

Good Luck


The NCR brand of paper at any office supply store works great. Even better than the original HP paper (which by now is all well past its prime). The modern stuff is much smoother and more sensitive than the old stuff. I know of HP97's and HP82143A's that have gone through over 50 rolls without any problem.


Anyone found paper for the HP-85? Seems to be a less common size...

Thanks, Juergen


What is the width? NCR also makes the 3 (or is it 3.125) inch width rolls. Same stores that sell the narrower paper carry it. Some stores don't have it on the shelf and must order it from their warehouse... same as the 1.5 inch wide stuff for the 19C.


The width is 4.25 inch.


Buy 8.5 inch wide thermal fax machine paper and cut the roll in half using a good razor saw. I get a good square cut by wrapping a piece of adding machine tape around the roll, aligning the edges, taping it in place, and the using the edge as a guide.

There are places on the web that sell various widths of thermal paper. Also check the office supply store catalogs. The have a lot of oddball products that are not carried in the stores. That is how I get my HP19C paper.

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