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I bought a 19C a while back, just the calc, case, and battery. The seller described everything correctly except that he said the printer had worked when he last used it but it did not print at all when i got it. btw: the motor does run and the paper works well in another HP thermal. I have written to the seller and he asked me what i want to do. Thats a fair question but i don't know a fair answer yet. I know that i would like to keep it.

My question is; what percent of the total value do you all think the printer is? If i get 5 or 6 answers i could use my 19 to get a mean value and even a standard deviation to send back to him. Thanks in advance to whoever responds.



I'll get the ball rolling but reiterating my feeling that somewhere around 30-40% is the right amount of refund. Although this might be repairable (this seems to be a common fault on the 19C's, due to corrosion problems on the printer power supply board under the battery compartment) I still think that a refund is in order, it's a very difficult repair.



Both the HP-19C and its non-printing version, the HP-29C,
were introduced in 1977-7-1, at $345 and $195 respectively,
so the lack of a printer resulted in the non-printing model costing 44% less.

However, the 19C did include other benefits, printer-related but quite independent of it working, such as larger size, better keyboard, and more capable batteries, and all of them keep on improving the machine whether the printer itself works or not, so I guess that a 33%-40% refund would be Ok.
If the seller doesn't agree and you like this particular machine very much, I would even go for a mere 25% refund, but not a cent less.

Best regards from V.


Refunds are a funny thing. If the seller offers "as is" or "no refunds" then none should be expected. However, on the otherhand, if the seller deceives the buyer, he should offer a refund.

Phrases like "work last time I tested it" should be read as "but it probably doesn't work now." Anyone that knows how to test one, would actually test it. He may not tell you the results and might resort to wordsmanship. They are worth much more, when known to work.

As for how much, remember that the printer is what makes the 19C special. It is much more than just some incremental delta of the whole value. I'd say the printer is the "whole" calculator. I would expect that you should expect 40%-50% refund, IF he gives a refund.

PS: I know of one HP seller/collector that offers DOA guarantee but this would not qualify because it is not 100% dead. That is really deceptive advertizing.

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