82033 Battery Pack replacements discontinued


Hi, I received the following email from DigiKey regarding the discontinuation of the battery back that has been used to rebuild the 82033 packs that are used in the 82162 and the 82161 (among other things). I'm interested if anyone knows other sources.

You have purchased the following part number(s) from Digi-Key within the last two years. The manufacturer has announced this part(s) will become obsolete.

Description: BATTERY PACK NICAD 4.8V 1400MAH
Manufacturer Part No: P-140SCRL2X2
Digi-Key Part No: P233-L022-ND
Your Most Recent P.O. No:


Choose one of these instead: P162-L022, 1300 mAh, $9.66; P175-L022, 1500 mAh, $10.06; P180-L022, 1700 mAh, $11.86.


Take your old pack down to your local Batteries Plus, Batteries, Etc or similar store. They will do all the work and rebuild it properly (welded contacts, etc) for a round $20-$25 depending upon the batteries. I use the highest capacity cells that they have.


I wonder if the message from DigiKey means that Panasonic is going to stop making NiCad's? The Eveready Energizer website indicates that they have stopped supporting NiCads - the only rechargeables they have data for are NiMH [, and AA, C and D are all rated 1850 mA-H - must be the same cell in all of them.] - this was the case a few weeks ago, now they are rated 2100, 2200 and 2200 mA-H.

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