Posting from wireless PDA


One of the benefits of a forum like this is that it is very readable with a wireless PDA.

Had surgery yesterday and I'm limited to a PDA. At least I can still stay connected.

Anyone else using a wireless PDA?



I regularly connect from two PDAs

I am phasing out my jornada 720- the problems with windows CE, lack of upgradability on core ROM, and the screen size are getting to me.

I'm phasing into my zaurus 750 (import from Japan). Very very very very nice machine. The english support is still a bit spotty, but it's a full unix and once you get a toolchain on it, you can port almost anything.

Anyone know where I can get a unixified 15C emulator? (I'm working on the 48 emulator port, and some of the java ports)

And it's the same size and my field notebook and 42S :)



I often browse the discussions here from my phone (SonyEricsson P800 with Opera browser), especially when I'm in a certain small room with a few minutes to kill...

[Also comes in handy when reading ./, watching stuff on eBay, checking prices on amazon, and looking up wine vintages in the supermarket on . I hear it's also useful for looking up pub quiz answers on Google, but I wouldn't know about that.]

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