HP48 SX and 48 GX


Could someone please tell me if the 48 SX was replaced by the 48 GX and well the serial cable to calculator cable the same for both? Next question I have well the equation library card for the 48 SX work in the 48 GX?
Im looking to purchase a 48 GX for my daughter for school/ college and need to know as soon as possble.
I currently own a 48 SX.
Please help, Thank you.


I know the cables are the same.
I don't know about the cards, but think they will work in either calculator, too.

Regards, Harry


The serial cables for the 48SX is the same as the one for the 48GX. I believe the equation library card for the 48SX will work in slot one of the 48GX, but not slot 2 (i don't have the equation library card, so i can't check it in my 48GX). However all the functionality of the equation library card is the ROM of the 48GX, except for Tetris and the Periodic Table, both of which can be downloaded from http://www.hpcalc.org


Hi, folks;

I want to point out some facts and risk my own conclusions sbout this.

There is a warning in the HP48G manual about sysRPL programs written for the HP48S-series. Some internal calls were changed from S- to G-series, and some programs may generate wrong answers or disrupt the system operation, mostly the ones using these internal features. And I believe the Equation Library card will use them.

I'd also consider the fact that if the Equation Library is already part of the HP48G internals and both Tetris and Periodic Table are available as download files for the HP48G, than I'd keep the card with the HP48SX and load the 48G with the available files so both calculators will show about the same resources. If you use the card with the 48G, the Equation Library will probably conflict with the existing Equation Lirary in the HP48G and you'll not be able to use it. And you cannot load Tetris and the Periodic Table in the HP48S because there are some resources available in the HP48G that are not available in the HP48SX, and they are probably used by these programs.

My 2¢.


If you want a 48GX you should try to buy it now because they don't make them any more.


First: the cables work fine. (though with the current prices, i'd recommend getting two machines and backing them up to each other anyway)

Second: the EQ lib card will work in the 48GX, but it's pointless. Buying a 128K and 1MB card set from germany will let you have everything you will ever need in a 48GX. Start with Metakernel, then download whaver games and chemistry software you don't have (the equations from the EQ lib card are in ROM on the 48GX) and so on.

Third: There *are* some 48SX programs that won't run on a 48GX, but as HP put out public informational guides on how to avoid doing that, one would hope they avoided it themselves :)


If you look at www.hpcalc.org, as Jonathan said, you will never be worried about software resources... Thanks to Eric Rechlin and all the guys who shared.

Raul L

Edited: 29 Aug 2003, 2:08 a.m.

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