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Has anyone completed a successful purchase from Emmaunel? I am not trying to give him a bad name but, I purchased something two months ago and yet to receive it. Also, he is not responding to e-mails regarding the transaction. Has anyone else had the same problems. Is shipping from his country really this difficult?


I made a trade with him once and everything went well.

I have been trying to email him a scan and he hasn't been responding to my emails either. I think that he may travel a lot.



Just be aware his equipment is usually very high priced for the quality received....


I made a trade deal with him for a 16C which I am very happy with. He shipped promptly and the item was in great condition as described. He also sent me additional documentation which was not part of the original deal. I am assuming that he may be traveling or something, as another respondent suggested. My dealings with him were very good.



I know Emmanuel very well and I promise you he will never cheat you. I also have a open deal with him. He sent out a parcel some month ago that never arrived to me. I will see him in a month and I'm absolutely shure he will manage this. His problem is, that several parcels didn't arrive at the same time, so it's logic that he wants to get informations an dmoney from "la poste", and this will take some time.
Please do trust him, and I promise you, you will be satisfied with your deal. I had several deals with him that were all positive.



I bought a Panam module from him a couple of months ago and had no problems with the deal or with getting email responses from him. 'La Poste' can slow things up as the first time he tried to mail the module to me 'La Poste' returned it to him but the second attempt got through. However, I believe August is a big holiday month in France and therefore things may be quiet at the moment.

I would have no worries about dealing with him again.


I wonder if the heat wave is affecting the mail service in France (or Emmanuel himself)?


I can vouch for him also, I received a calc in great condition, just as he described.


I have had many transactions (both ways) over the years and find him very reliable and trustwothy.

2 months? I have had items to/from Europe take 6 months. I have had some items make the trip twice before delivery. Postal service in Europe sucks just like their politics.

But, Emmanual is a good guy. Lots of Europeans take vacations this time of year. Perhaps he's getting away from the heat.


Mike: This might be off topic, but since you made the statement "Postal service in Europe sucks just like their politics." Do you mean that this goes for all European countries?? Have you dealt with all of them? And, shouldn't the subject of politics be kept out of this forum?


This whole thread is completely off topic.

Did you make a comment about that? As far as I understand it, this forum is for discussion of HP calculators. Not eBay bidders. So, I guess my comment is just as "on-topic" as the thread.


> Postal service in Europe sucks.

Anyway, our electric power stations are much better :-)

>just like their politics.

Well, perhaps but what do you think about yours?

> But, Emmanual is a good guy.

Nice to hear, but can we say the same about You?

Don't like to read such replies,they give me a bad feeling
For the rest: splendid Forum



I'm just back from vacation.
Sorry for the delay.
I wrote something before leaving home, please visit:
Let you know all about your parcel.

Reply from above message of negative criticism of Emmanuel Xeq41@aol.com: I recently purchased a Hewlett Packard graphic calculator HP 49g, their advanced model, in July. He was so concerned that I get it that when he found out that the first shipment did not arrive to my residence in California, USA, he shipped me a second one knowing that he was going to complete his transaction. We still don't know what may have happened to the lost shipment, but the second one arrive in perfect order. The calculator was well packaged, even more than I expected, in new condition as he stated. I am completely satisfied with his business and would rate him a 10 from a scale 1-10, 10 being the best. He is an honest man, who can be trusted in saling exactly what he says he will. I would do business with him again.
Joseph Barrera
Southern Calif., USA


This thread was not intended to give anyone a bad name! I was just concerned about the package and wondering if the La Poste really stinks. I feel very comfortable that the package will arrive now that I have talked to everyone. Sorry Emmanuel, I did not realize that August was the vacation month, my apologies.

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