HP 41 rubber feets


Hi, i just repair my HP-41C and fully clean it. To finish the job, i need all the four black rubber feet tht had been lost with time.

What material can i use to replace these rubber feets and what to use to glue them in place?

I think about using a old tire inside trip but nothing for the glue.


Anyway, I used a good quality tyre tube with much success.


To glue the feet in place, use automotive interior trim adhesive. It comes in a spray can and one can will be a lifetime supply-- easily enough for thousands of rubber feet. This stuff is available at any auto supply store and is normally used for things like repairing sagging roof liners.

Place the foot or foot substitue face down on wax paper. Lightly spray the foot with the adhesive. Carefully pick it up and stick it on the calculator.


Double sided scotch tape is ok for me. It is also very easy to apply.


Bonjour Frederic,

try searching the current forum, as well as the most recent archive. There was quite a bit of activity on wht sort of rubber sheet material to buy.




Double sided carpet tape works well as it has a high shear strength adhesive just like the original 3M stick-ums. I just wish I could find it in the original black color.



I use carpet tape as well and it's white. But since it's not visible under the rubber feet (if you cut it right) why do (would) you want to use black tape. Isn't that carrying authenticity a bit too far! ;-)



I'm into preserving perfection :^)

I have found a good way to hide the white. First, clean the rubber sheet, and apply the tape so you can cut both the foot and tape in the same operation. I then cut with a rotary wheel cutter on a resilient cutting pad using a small metal T-square. It makes for very smooth, straight sided cuts. Almost as good as...


3M makes all sorts of double sided sticky industrial adhesives. I had some samples of some that was an exact physical match for the stuff HP used. I think it was rated at around 2000 lbs per square inch of material... them footsies ain't gonna fall off.


Do you know what the 3M product number was? I went through their website for double-sided tapes but I never found any black carrier products.


I check the pieces that I have. They have no number on them. Only "3M Hi Performance"... The pieces were cut out of a larger sheet and any number was probably there. The earlier material I have was a dark grey color. The later was clear.


Spare rubber feet for some case sizes are available at our local parts store (Conrad Electronic). If I needed some I would try to cut them down.

Best regards



I just tonight stuck 4 new feet on a 62A printer. I used the "roll-on" adhesive tape method (the new press and roll dispensers). Works great on many things and allows simple, fast, complete coverage of surfaces.


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