12C Platinum: Better/Worse than Original?


I searched the forum and found surprisingly little direct testimony on the 12C platinum versus 12C. I read elsewhere that the buttons don't feel the same...anything else? what about 360 day based bond calculations?


There is a thorough review of the 12CP by Jordi Hidalgo in HPCC Datafile V22N3 pages 8-11. Kinpo intended the 12C platinum to have the same functionality as the 12C - the 30/360 Day basis Bonds are covered by a program in Section 16 of the manual,which is basically the same as the old 12C manual.

Re buttons I suggest to try before you buy, if possible. I have found it very usable. It has a great battery life, and this is needed as it takes longer than the 12C to solve for i and IRR. Also the unit I have is limited to 253 usable programming steps.


Tony is right about the programming step problem. I just bought one from Amazon.com a week ago and the problem is still there. If you try to use most of the programming space, then the GTOs won't work. I wrote HP about this and they verified the problem, but I don't know what they will do about it.

Performance for programs is faster. It has a nice leather case. I think the keys are OK. The programming model is the same as the 12c, unfortunately (GTO line numbers and you cannot insert/delete lines).


When you say "nice leather case" do you really mean leather? The case that comes with the legacy 12C is vinyl but there is an upgraded Voyager case that is real leather. You don't mean you get one of those with the 12CP, do you?


But better than the plastic cases the 10B used to ship with.


Heck, Patrick, I don't know if it's real leather or not, but it is a step up from the standard vinyl slipcases that the original Voyager's shipped with back in the 80's, and the 12c's shipped with a year or so ago.

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