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For immediate release: In keeping with its new direction in calculator products, Hewlett Packard has ask that the HP Museum replace the familiar ENTER key logo with an = key. The museum may reluctantly agree. No word yet on the effect this move may have on the die-hard RPN supporters.

PS: I wish I thought of this on 4-1!


I remember I bought my 1st HP (a 11C, when I was 14)...; because it HAD an "ENTER" key.

I am already sorry my present 19BII (though I still use 41CX quite often) has an INPUT key instead of an ENTER key.

Besides, I bought that calculator quite late because I had to wait for the II version for having a RPN calculator.

I am sure these guys at HP are previous TI users that revenge from not having done the good choice earlier !

Please, never leave HP change the ENTER key !


I'm afraid they already did...*sigh* *presses the BIIG FAT [ENTER] on his hp48gx*

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