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Hi all,

Just a comment on a remark about one poster's *fast* number crunching abilities on a classic hp keyboard, YES! I agree with you, I am furiously fast at computing long equations with my 32sii, because the kb buttons are responsive and the *BIG* (are you reading HP?) ENTER KEY!!

Conversely, have you noticed that when you key in numbers quickly on a 49g, it MISSES SOME?? For example, keying in 333 quickly gives you 33, and 4444 gets 444 at best if not just 44. It's pretty pathetic...I'm venting in concerned anticipation of the new 33s and 48/49 series...It is really a joy to flick in a bunch of numbers on my 32sii knowing that I don't need to repeat and divide to make sure it's the same (it would give '1' of course if both results are equal, it's something I used to resort to when learning the real depth that rpn lets you go to)

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at least the 49G has some kind of keyboard bounce adjustment (KEYTIME or alike).
I don't know how good it works, but it was a bad sign that the machine even needs this feature, due to the bad keyboard...

The '48GII', which is in fact more like a relabelled 49G, seems to have the same or similar keyboard as the old 49G.

I admit that's one of the reasons I'll stick to the REAL HP-48 (GX), which deserves the classification '48 series',
whereas the 48GII doesn't seem to have much to do with an HP-48 (OMHO).



go and buy an HP-97 on eBay -- best keyboard by far

and the led display is unbelievable




>[Charles wrote:]
>Just a comment on a remark about one poster's
>*fast* number crunching abilities on a classic
>hp keyboard, YES! I agree with you, I am
>furiously fast at computing long equations with
>my 32sii, because the kb buttons are responsive
>and the *BIG* (are you reading HP?) ENTER KEY!!

I was the guy that posted that. Key spacing is relevant too. HP41s have a nice key spacing - so do Woodstocks, as well as 11C/15C/16C. I can live w/32S as well. There's something about the 'click' on the older calcs that's satisfying, that you know you've entered it by feel even without looking at the display.

I couldn't tell you about 48/49. I had a 48 for a few days and got rid of it - I wanted a 4-level stack!

Some times I rest the calc in my fingers and use both thumbs on both hands to work the keys. Sounds inelegant, but works nicely for me. (I'm slightly dextrous, piano lessons when younger helped.)

Bill Wiese
San Jose CA



you can (and you actually have to, as your experience shows) adjust the debouncing time on the 49G by entering a number in level 1 of the stack and executing ->KEYTIME. -> is the arrow character. I think the unit is ticks, i.e. 1/8192th of a second, and the value determines how long the calc will wait before another keystroke is accepted

The default ist something around 1300, which is far too long because it causes the calc to miss keystrokes on rapid entry, just as you describe. Try values around 500 - 600 for a start, and experiment a bit with it.

Cheers, Victor


Remarkable, I am so very glad to read your post about the keytime adjustment feature! You have made my day with that one. I'm off to dig up my 49g and put it to work!

PS. How can I access the AJDUSTENTERBUTTONPOSITION feature lol...

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Hmm... You would also have to use ->ENTERBUTTONWIDTH to make it double-wide. The units will probably be 1/131-Angstroms. And if you don't pay attention, increasing the width will simply push the rightmost button off the keyboard. Because this would be a permanent damage (resetting the width to original will simply fill the missing space with a correctly labeled black hole), HP has not made these functions publicly available.

Better just live with a tiny ENTER in the wrong place, then ;-)

Cheers, Victor


Hi Victor,

You know, I am not so sure I dislike the position of the "enter" key in the proposed 33s, and the 49 position isn't so bad, either, and here is why:

When using my 48, I frequently "enter" numbers using the "space" key instead of the "enter" key. As the machine treats the results the same way, it really does not matter. So, I have inadvertently acclimated myself to the new system!





I tried to perform the keytime adjustment ->KEYTIME after entering a 500 into the stack, but so far it doesn't seem to take...I'll keep hacking, but if I'm missing something would someone point it out please?

This is really going to cause me to log serious time on this machine for a change!

Best regards,
Charles L


Try executing KEYTIME-> after setting it with ->KEYTIME. You should get back the value you just set it to. Also, make sure you are using the Arrow-Character for ->, it's on right-shift zero.

Of course, if you're a *very* fast hacker, you'll probably need a value less than 500. However, at some point, keyboard debouncing will suffer...

Tell us if it works.
Cheers, Victor

PS Sorry that it took me so long to reply, but I have he calc at work. Yes, that's right: I am one of the very few people actually *using* a 49G!!! ;-)

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