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I recently heard of an interesting game or exercise: choose any two words such that a Google search with them as the search argument gives a single page of results. (That is, not zero -- 1-10 hits.) (Example: "positronic fortnightly".)

It just so happens that, at this precise, magical moment, a search on " H P - 3 3 S C A L C U L A T O R " (remove the extra spaces -- I don't want to affect the situation!) gives a single page of hits. (Not especially productive hits, mind you, but a single page.)

(Just thought I'd share . . . )


Easy: search for "www.google.com"

One result on one page. Is that cheating? :)



Whoops, I guess it is cheating - only one word.


How about : "unpolished tigershark"

I know this is way OT, but very funny

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