Switzerland is the source for new HP calcs


When you hear Switzerland, do you think of mountains, cheese, chocolate, Heidi? You have to change your mind now. If you want to buy one of the new HP calcs like HP 17BII+, HP 33S, HP 48G II, HP 49G+ (also available with 64 MB SD Card!), you have to check


a Swiss calculator dealer.

Choose the "Online-Shop" link, then select "Hewlett Packard" and press "Suchen".

You can buy: HP 17BII+

You can book: HP 33S, HP 48G II, HP 49G+

I will post more infos as soon as possible.

Regards, Juergen


HP 33S

available by mid of October


available by end of September

48 Mhz CPU, IRDA

HP 49G+

available by end of September

75Mhz CPU, 1.5 MB memory, IRDA, USB connection to PC, RAM expansion by SD cards (e.g. 64 MB)


When you hear Switzerland, do you think of mountains, cheese, chocolate, Heidi?

I use to think in wonderfull watches!!



Hi Raul,

I think of gratis e-mail: www.seeland.ch

(Some people need Swiss Bank Accounts for handling their illicit funds---but I need a swiss E-mail account fro escaping spam....;-)





There are fast guys down under! When will we read the first user reports?


Maybe faster, but much more exensive !

Austria = $ 266 without taxes

Switzerland = CHF 239 - 7.6% taxes = CHF 222 which is around $ 158


$266 Australian is about $146 US (AU$1 = US$0.55 last time I bought something from Australia) which sounds like the price that had been mentioned for the 49G+. Were you converting to US dollars - or is the price in Switzerland REALLY good?!! (AU$158 = ~ US$87)


made a mistake, I don't know why I read Austria not Australia and figured that Chris has converted the price from Austrian Mark to US$ !
The price I quoted for Switzerland was US$


Although Austria now uses the Euro, wasn't it's currency formally 'Schilling'?



It's the way we wear leather shorts and eat sausage while we mount our kangaroos that can be so confusing. Then there's the Tyrolean accordion music and yodelling at the Sydney Opera House. . .


--- Les [http://www.lesbell.com.au]

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