Pioneer calcs: Gaps between keys and faceplate cutouts



I've been collecting hp calcs (mainly pioneers) for a while now and I've noticed on some of my calcs that the keys do not sit squarely in the cutouts of the metal faceplate ie. there are gaps above each key, large enough for hairs, breadcrumbs etc. to fall through and get stuck under the key itself. It almost looks as if these particular calcs were stuck together in a hurry because nobody took the time to line up the faceplate cutouts with the keyboard itself. Is this quite common with hp calcs?


[fact-like assertions]

Looking at my trusty -33s, I note (for the first time) that the keys are all offset slightly to the left -- the gaps on the right sides are consistently wider than those on the left.

In fact, the keys are molded as a single unit with the plastic front -- they're attached at the top side of each key to the plastic beneath the aluminum faceplate by two thin bridges (which act as hinges as well as points of attachment).

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The alignment you're complaining about is the alignment of the holes cut in the aluminum faceplate with the keys, or the alignment of the faceplate itself with the calculator front.

Either way, I'd be surprised if there was any "one" around who bears direct responsibility for not taking extra time to align the face and keys. I assume that they were put together by machines which were periodically adjusted to keep the flow of calculator fronts within some specified acceptable range of alignment.

If the keys move without rubbing any sides of the holes in which they're placed, I suspect your unit met production tolerances at the time it was built.


But maybe there's someone out there who REALLY knows something about this topic . . .


Thanks for your response Paul. Obviously this is not something that hp calc buffs really concern themselves about, and I just happened to notice it. I don't know why but I always notice stupid things like that. Take my 42s; I noticed that when running the selftest, and the beeper beeps, it kind of goes 'beeeeeeeeeeZeeeeeeeeeeeeeZeeeeeeeeeeeeeZeeeeeeeeeeeeeep' whereas on my 27s and 17b it goes 'beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep' So I was wondering if my 42s beeper is on it's last legs. Anyway, this is trivial I know. Another triviality is my 22s. The '5' key works ok when you press on the centre of the key, but if you press on the left hand side it clicks, but the number 5 doesn't come up. I had another 22s where the '7' key was the problem. On all my other calcs I have absolutely no key problems, ie. you can click the left or right side of each key, and it registers on the display ever single time. Only the 22s is inconsistent, and I may add both these 22s were in excellent cosmetic condition and did not look like they had been used much at all.


You are obviously VERY closely attuned to the feel and behavior of your instruments. I imagine it must be hell picking up any of the newer HP models! Kind of like having perfect musical pitch and attending a junior high band concert . . .

BTW, I think I remember my 42s buzzer as being punctuated during the self-test -- I'll try it out this weekend and report back if that's not the case.

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