HP 15C Manuals over $100


Ebay item #3041127894. Manual & Adv. Func. Handbook. I don't believe there is a calculator involved in this sale.


No, there is no calculator here, just the two manuals.

I have purchased each of these manuals individually for about $30 each. This seller is pretty lucky, although to be fair the Advanced Functions Handbook is a wonderful piece and doesn't come around all that often.


It all depends on the quality of the manuals and the financial resources of the buyer.

In my case, I paid US $90 for a brand-new, shrink-wrapped, spiral-bound "HP-15C Advanced Functions" manual, for my collection. I already had three or four of them at the time, but either they weren't brand-new, never-used, or else they were the hardbound type, which is pretty useless for comfortable reading as it won't lay open flat on the table
while you're keying some routines from it in your HP-15C.

As the manual I got was indeed in the absolute best possible condition despite it being 20+ years old (no yellowing, utterly immaculate), I found the price reasonable, specially since I deem it impossible and unnecessary to ever try and get a better one.

Best regards from V.

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