Did anyone notice this {HP33S}


It has a display button and it also has a ENG button. Does that make sense? Or am I missing something?


Hi, Naim;

I see what you mean. Have you thought that it may be sort of fast "choice selection", or even a shortcut? If you see also, there is a MODES key and RPN/ALG selection key, and I would not be surprised if the "MODES" menu contain ALG and RPN keys as well.

My 2¢.

Luiz (Brazil)


In the summary of features, the "ENG" key must be what is referred to by "engineering notation conversions: ->ENG, <-ENG". (And that, in turn, may explain the otherwise puzzling green left-arrow above ENG.)

FIX, ENG, and SCI are joined by "ALL" in the features list.


Did anyone noticed that the "Rmdr" function is the only one in mixed (upper/lower) case? I like that HP finally added a remainder to a low/middle-end calc (along with integer divide) but its inconsistent labeling really stands out -- so much so that I'll bet that this is not the final version and (like someone else pointed out on comp.sys.hp48) perhaps this photo/mock-up/whatever is just a test balloon floated to see what people's reaction to the design is.


If the 33S is really due for release in the Sept/Oct time frame, I seriously doubt there is time to re-design the keyboard, even if it is as simple as a re-labelling of some functions.

This is just a gut feel based on the lead time in my industry (custom software development). Perhaps someone with industrial production experience can comment more authoritatively.

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