33E Batt Tab Repair Help, Pls!


I just got an HP-33E in which the battery-compartment battery contacts are completely sheared off down to the little round nubbins. I gather that when the previous owner pried the battery pack out -- it had leaked badly -- the contacts got ripped out as well. Anyway, I'd like to see if the calc works or at least get some kind of tabs in there. Do directions exist for this particular repair on any HP site anywhere? Or, failing that, can someone here suggest a solution? I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


One of the tabs is broken on my 32E. A small piece of copper sheet held in place by pressure from the battery allows the battery to make contact with the "nubbin." Lacking the copper sheet, a piece of aluminum foil a few layers thick would probably due the trick.


Hi, Jerry: Great idea, I'll give it a try and hopefully not fry the thing. Cheers, Frick


This is a very common problem with the spice(girl) series. A person skilled at soldering can sandwich solder new tabs to the "nubbins" provided they carefully file the nubbins clean to the copper. A small modeling file works well. Place a small dot of rosin core sloder on the nubbins. Cut clean copper sheet to the size of the tab you want-some mental judgement of the proper size to cut will be needed by sizing up the battery pack. Have a stady handed assistant hold the tab on the applied dot with needle-nosed pliers while the tab is pressed in front with the soldering iron. If the steady hand stays steady for a few seconds while the solder sets, the repair is as good as new- but not chrome plated. If all works well (I have yet to come across a spice with BOTH broken) you will have a cause for celebration. Have Fun, Mark

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