I was working on


I was working on an HP-34C and when I plugged
it into the wall it seems to have caused
some sort of power blackout.

Dang they said these classic units used a lot
of power....... I'm worried somebody might
figure out it was my fault.


I was working on an HP-34C and when I plugged it into the wall it seems to have caused some sort of power blackout.

Dang they said these classic units used a lot of power

Those LEDs will kill ya.



Be cautious! Write down all your 34C know-how and send it to Dave before you make any further experiments...


Funny post.


Live anywheres in the Midwest? :p


From: Department of Homeland Security
Reference: post to MoHPC 15 Aug 2003

Sir (aka "Norm"):

We are informing you that your use of said electronic device is a violation of USCj 1334 Subpart g(ii)c, "Non-Compliant Electronic Devices" and you will pe prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Quote from USC 1334 Subart g(ii):

"(a)...any and all electronic devices shall be constructed with a 'v-chip' which enables the Department to examine the device communication history.
(b) The Department shall be empowered to collect 'v-chip' data upon reciept of a valid Federal subpoena.
(c) All devices which were manufactured prior to Nov 17, 2002 shall be registered with the Department. Form GAO-DHS-011-3 may be obtained......

"iii. Mandatory Minimum Sentencing. The minimum sentence for violation of this subpart shall be:

"a) for violators with non-compliant Texas Instrument Devices: confiscation of said device and mandatary replacement with SunnyPlains solar 4-function calculator for a 2 year period.

"b) for violators with non compliant Hewlett-Packard Devices: confiscation of said device and subsequent cleansing treatment, consisting of placement of device on active CSX railroad tracks for a minimum exposure period of 48 hours...."

Your trial date will be sent to you via Registered Mail.


Hi Norm,

Yeah, those old LED machines will really suck up the power...why do you think they come up in FIX 2?

They'll find you by tracing the red-hot wires all the way back to your house.

That'll teach you never to use a penny in the fuse box.

By the way, I live on Long Island, New York. The blackout hit at 4:12 PM local time, giving us over three hours of daylight for the commuters to find their way home. I live and work in the suburbs, so no problem for me. Power was restored to my house at about 3:15 AM. I had no damage or problems, just had to clean out the fridge and reset a couple of clocks.

I was proud to see that my fellow New Yorkers took it all in stride...civilians directing traffic, just about everyone polite, no looting, crime or fires. There was a little bit of oppurtunistic price gouging ($5 bottles of water, $2 hot dogs) but one store was giving stuff away for free -- flashlights, sneakers, etc.

There were no deaths reported and perhaps just minor injuries caused by the blackout. It's inconveinent but maybe we should have one of these things every 20 years or so, just to show everyone (and ourselves) just how decent New Yorkers can be. It won't offset the bad publicity of the other 19 years, but what the heck.

- Michael


I spent my lunch hour yesterday installing a new UPS at my office... hard work to move everything, get behind a cabinet, etc. The blackout hit hours later. (Not here in lovely Nebraska)

You know, when you wash your car it rains. I installed a UPS... so power went out elsewhere.

Isn't that a coincidence... that I was essentially preparing for a blackout and hours later there's a big one!?


I have a much better theory to explain the blackout. Some sentimental fool in Philadelphia must have switched on good ol' ENIAC to celebrate its 57th anniversary... running a long extension cord from nearby NYC "just in case".

18,000 vacuum tubes will do that to you!



I was working on an HP-34C and when I plugged it into the wall it seems to have caused some sort of power blackout.

Now, Norm, I assume that you live in greater Portland, OR (as I do), from your having previously mentioned visiting Fry's in Wllsonville (as I have). If so, your connection to the electric network is outside the northeastern electric reliablity organizations.

So, not to worry -- not that you were... ;-)


Four words: Very Long Extension Cord

- Michael

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