New HP32Sii Platinum Model


If you're a financial person, you're currently in heaven when it comes to the range of "Classic" look calculators you can currently choose from - HP10Bii, HP12C and also the HP12C Platinum (overkill?). It's either a drought or a flood at HP it seems, come on!! ....a HP12C and a HP12C Platinum at the same time? (but currently absolutely no basic scientific model). It's obvious that the financial business minded bean-counters at HP (not scientists) decide the models. Imagine a HP42S, a HP32Sii and a HP32Sii Platinum available at the same time (with no basic financial model available for 2 years)!!!

Now if the same look as now exists in the current financial range was now available in the scientific range then I would be in heaven too. The HP33S should look like the HP10Bii, the HP11C should be added to the current HP12C production line (the moulds are exactly the same) and just for good measure add a HP11C Platinum to the existing HP12C Platinum production line now running and pumping out machines. The HP11C Platinum (or HP11Cii) could be included just to prove the point that HP can produce an over-kill of scienticfic "classic" look calculators just like now exists with the current financial "classic" look range.

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