new hp 17bII+ on eBay


Item number: 3041142335


Thanks for the hint.

I made a bid of 15 dollars, because that's the real value.

It's the same housing as the 10BII, and thus it's likely to be just trash (OMHO).



Well, as somene stated previously- i'd take a 42S in that case if it was available.

I'm curious to see how the software handles, really. the upgrade in RAM sound useless until you try to track a small business and home finances in a 17bii using summed lists and solver programs. (hey Randy, ever do a RAM upgrade on a 17bii?)

The description of the machine mentions text handling- maybe they've upgraded the 17bii to a 19bii, heheheheh.

I'm sure the quality of the case is far far far from the quality of the pioneer hardware. And I think it's a bad idea for HP to move away from the Pioneer. It's now old enough and well known enough to be as recognizable by people who know as the 12c is.

That said- I'll use the 17Bii+ ... maybe. I'll certainly buy on and use it as my car calculator. or something. maybe. (but if it's a case of spending *$70* on THAT or finding a 17Bii pioneer for $150 [one can hope], I'll buy another 17Bii)

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