Are 1970’s sales brochures worth anything?


Hello everyone,

My eyes were opened to this world of HP collecting earlier this year. I sold my dad’s little-used 11c after he passed away.

While cleaning out his office, I also found some HP sales brochures.

They are all from the mid 1970’s.

Among others, they include:

*HP 9831 Desktop Computer (including insert on Technical Data and pricing insert)

*HP 3000 Series II Systems: An Introduction for Managers

*Data Entry and Communications: Applications of Hewlett-Packard computer systems

And more along those lines....

Any chance anybody would be interested in them? Would it be worth it to compile a full list of the brochures and post it in classifieds/ebay?


Hmmm...interesting. Apparently these old artifacts interest nobody?

I don’t know that much about HPs, but just from a historical perspective, these brochures looked interesting to me. They seemed pretty cool.

Or is information like this plentiful and commonplace?

I suppose I could just throw them away. I simply thought they might interest someone actually into HPs.



Yes, yes, they are interesting! I think 2 things happened:

1. Your 1st post got lost in the "daily view" rollover,

2. It wasn't clear what any response was to be.

3. If you would like to sell or trade them, there is a separate section in this online museum for that.

or without an associated auction:




Why not scan them and contribute them to the museum.


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