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Not to be picky, but... Could we try to remain positive about HP reentering the calc market & having an offering that supports RPN, RPL, etc. These calcs will not be the same as the classics - today's market will not support the cost of making those old designs. Nor are there enough people on this board to supprot such an effort! Please wait until you have your hands on a physical calc and make constructive comments...



I've typed similar sentiments in the past. Count me in (for what that's worth).


I wrote the first response before seeing the product sheets on "The New Hope".

I will no doubt buy a 33s (unless I hear that it behaves badly too), but that has to be the ugliest, busiest keyboard ever devised! I hope it feels good . . .

(A cherished tradition, indeed!)



1234 deletes


Amen, Dave. All the negativism of the last few months has really been a downer.


I'm honestly fairly happy with the physical layout of the new 48.

And I hope that we will be able to write real code on it and hack any software defects or forgotten tools.

but the 33S is...

it would be everything I ever wanted in a 32Sii upgrade is the keyboard was just remotely sane. With THAT keyboard, I'll be somewhat negative.

(granted, It is barely possible that once I get my hands on it and try, i will decide it's not much worse than a pioneer. But.... well, we shall see)



I'm sorry, but if these things are real, then there simply is nothing positive I can say about them. The closest I can come is "the 48GII isn't quite as ugly as the 49G+." The 33S, however, is one of the ugliest devices of any type that I have ever seen.

I honestly would rather HP simply abandoned the calculator business altogether than continue to besmirch the memory of their decent calculators with trash like this.

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