New HP 33s and so forth


Hi all,

regarding that 33s and 48gii spec sheet, did you notice the orientation of the 33s in the scientists white coat pocket? and the 48 laying on the students table? They sure looked to have been pasted in...

On a lighter note, maybe one of us should send a pic of our calcs to HP since they seem to have forgotten what they should look like. That 33s key layout hurts to look at. It seems that HP is confusing calculators with automobiles, the beauty of the old HPs was the simplicity and no nonsense design. We don't (at least I don't) need fancy v-shaped key orientation and scratch-off lettering.

I guess I'll get to continue to have moments of pride as I whiz thru calculations RPN-style during exams while the TI folks step thru their deep parenthesis set-ups...One of my profs refused all programmable calcs for tests, and when I confronted him with my old HP he said "that one's ok". Well, back to work,
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I loved the part where it said that the 33S is pocket sized -- right next to the photo of the scientist with 1/3 of the calculator jutting up out of his lab-coat sized pocket.

Now, the 15C is truly pocket sized. It fits in a typical shirt without sticking up at all.


No shirt pocket for your 15C today. Can you imagine leaning over and have that baby hit the deck?



The size is actually the most annoying thing about the 33s... Whats the point, when it is nearly as big as a graphing calculator? It should have been the same size and design as the 17bii+, IMO. I guess it's time to get that 42s...


I've pasted the calculator images into a picture editor & blown 'em up to 400%.

What I found interesting (among other things) is that on BOTH the 49G+ image (from the marketing materials link of a while back) and 48GII image, there appear to have been some labels "blanked out" above the "Tool" keys.

Am I misreading these pixels, or was (were) some function(s) axed at the last minute?


uuh, that's a lower case i and an upper case I, right above the same key used for alpha I. Look on a 15c above cos and tan.

ps I just found out google will do math. Calculate 50 N / 2 kg (= 25 m/s^2) pretty cool.


That is cool, I didn't know it has a build in calculator.

I played a bit with it and found this:

ln(e^(2 * pi * i)) = 0

At this point I was a bit surprised I get no roundoff errors.

I tried this next:

ln(e^(4 * pi * i)) = - 1.15771108 × 10^-15 i

And now got roundoff errors. Any idea why?

Regards, Harry


Just tried "4 ENTER 5 +"



"Just tried "4 ENTER 5 +"


Did it reply:

Did you mean: 4 + 5


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