Ebay - HP-12C #ABA


Have I missed something? What is the "#ABA" mean in this item?



at least the last letter is for the target market.
ABA: U.S. America
ABD: Deutschland (Germany)



I don't think ABA means it is "Made in the USA".


I didn't get a chance to peruse the EBay ad post - but this "ABA" doesn't sound like an HP model #, etc.

Is this a logo on the calc in addtion to HP & 12C?

If that's the case, "ABA" = American Banker's Association
or American Bar Association (perhaps a calc for tax lawyers?)

Bill Wiese
San Jose CA


No, it doesn't mean 'made in', but 'made for';-)



Probably doesn't mean anything. My guess is that the seller just put it in the title to attract attention from ABA type people. May have to ask the seller.


#ABA is the 'option' 'number'. The most recent HP-48GX which I purchased came with a card listing some of the features of the calculator. At the bottom of the card are the following:

(3OP) Option ABA

Proof of Purchase

If you check the hp sales site you will see that most hp items carry such an option designator. #ABA probably refers to a u.s. version made for sale in the u.s.


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