okay, I corrected it to LCD - thanks.
I have an HP-41C that I kept in a closet for several years when I did not need it. When I finally needed it again, I found the LCD has a brown haze to it. But it looks more like something under the display cover (if there is such a thing).
I would like to know if that is true, that there is a separate cover protecting the LCD, and if I can get to it easily for replacement or cleaning. The repair info posted here does not go into removing the LCD, so I do not know if I can and whether or not the risk of having a non-functioning calculator would be worth it. The only thing bothersome about it is that it looks dirty.

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Refer to Dave's photo to see which model you have:

If it's a half-nut, you're out of luck, the LCD cannot be removed. If you're lucky enough to have a full-nut, you can desolder the LCD and remove for cleaning.


The 41C has an LCD display.


I thought it was a "Luminosity Echo Device"


I replaced all LED occurrencies for LCD and it fit fine. (in the text, of course)

Luiz (Brazil)

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yeah but there should be LED's, for a 41C display.

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