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Are Pioneer displays interchangeable? I suspect they are, but don't know. If so, can they be gotten at from the front by removing the bezel, as opposed to opening the case by breaking the stakes? As you can tell, I've never worked on one of these.


Removing the bezel is sure fire looser deal. Don't do it under any circumstances. You'll only have a bent bezel to show for your efforts as LCD's can only be removed from the back after the logic board is off. Flat bezel models with the clear window presents another problem as you cannot push on the front of the LCD to get the stick-um to release. Be sure to use some UN-DO on windowed units or you'll crack the LCD.

It's always best to leave the zebras attached as it helps center the LCD in the frame. The 17/27/42 LCD's are VERY sensitive to alignment in both directions. You'll have approximately 1 MM (0.040") clearance on all sides when aligned properly.

The interchangeables:

  • 10B = 20S = 21S
  • 14B = 22S = 32S
  • 17B = 17Bii = 27S = 42S

The only single:

  • 32Sii

Let me know if you have a specific model request as there is some weirdness with the 14B/22S/32S interchangeability as the stepped bezel version can be different than the original with the window.

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What about the 14B?


14B added in the edited post. Thanks Dave, editing is great.

Knew I would miss one...


Thanks Randy! I found your post very informative!

I'm such a newbie that you've probably forgotten more than I'll ever know!


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