A new fanatic?


So, i've been off the boards for a while.

Update: I'm in Virginia with a new job, and it ended up being a boy instead of a girl!

Leif was born on 29 June, and has already "played" with his dad's prized 42s.

I wonder if the 32Sii I'm saving will be 'too out of date' to use when he's 12. or the 20s, for that matter.

(oh, email server is still a bit iffy, email can be sent to yhokoyote at yahoo)


Hey, Christof;

Good news! Yeah, both of them: for Leif's comming and for the fact he's playing whit an HP "toy".

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 9 Aug 2003, 2:44 p.m.


Congrats to you and Jessica. How about a photo? -And another beer and ice cream meeting of the Davis hp club next time your in S.F.? Glen must be due for a half day off by now, it's been months.


Definitely need to get together on my next trip. I'm not sure when that is yet, but sometime during the fall for sure.

Photos are www.ansible.org/~jess/leif/


After looking at the baby pics; i'm glad to be able to tell everyone here that Leif takes after his mom in the looks department :-) And while his future rpn/aos prefrence is still up for grabs; he's a world class contortionist right now. Check out the second foto and another even more painful-looking in the middle somewhere.

Good work you two.

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