HP15C batteries


The HP15C worked fine for the past 18years. I recently replaced the batteries and the calculator is acting erradically.

Are there specific batteries required for this calculator?



Type 357 silver oxide (also known as SR44) 1.5v buttons, or
type LR44 alkaline button cells.





Page 260 of the HP-15C OWNER'S HANDBOOK, the following batteries are recommended:

Alkaline: Silver-Oxide:
Eveready A76 Eveready 357
Ray-O-Vac RW82 Ray-O-Vac RS76 or RW42
National or Panasonic LR44 Duracell MS76 or 10L14
Varta 4276 Varta 541



I did not realize how the mail program would parse my message. Please bear in mind all of the odd numbered items are in column one and all of the even numbered items are in column two.

I will list the batteries again:
Alkaline: Eveready A76 and UCAR A76 and Ray-O-Vac RW82 and National or Panasonic LR44, Varta 4276.

Silver-Ozide: Eveready 357 and UCAR 357 and Ray-O-Vac RS76 or RW42 and Duracell MS76 or 10L14 and Varta 541.

Sorry about my boo-boo.


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