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So all,
Just bought a Xpander. I understand that the battery issue can be dealt with by charging the batteries outside the unit, but...
In trying to open the compartment, it seems that the bottom of the lid is attached to two posts, which go down into the unit.
Are these attached to screws?
How do I remove the lid without damaging anything?
Thanks all you collector.

PS> Any questions anyone wants to ask about the Hp Xpander - feel free!


The tabs were broken off and the lid held down by a strong double sided tape because the prototype hardware could not tell the difference between Standard Alkaline batteries or NiMH batteries which are installed. It was decided for the field trial prototypes that the battery compartment would not be user accessable.

Using a small screw driver insert where the tabs were and disengage them. Then slowly but firmly lift the cover off. The tape will give way and you can lift the lid off. Clear any left over gum and tape off the lid or unit.



The rechargables (got them out - thanks!) have tape covering most of them, but look like they're labeled 1.2V. Normal alkalines are 1.5V, if I'm not mistaken. That would make them incompatible...


That makes them different, not incompatible.

I don't think I have ever seen a piece of equipment that would work with NiCads but not Alkaline.

I have an XPander too and they are very interesting. I replaced my dead batteries with new AA rechargeables, with solder tabs (tabs removed). I think a normal AA alkaline will be a tight fit because the + terminals stick out further on normal alkaline.

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If you do put any other battery other than NiMH into the Xpander, please be aware that the charger chip will not be determine that the wrong type of battery has been inserted. Do not connect the AC adapter if this is the case as it will attempt to charge the wrong battery.



that NiMH and NiCads have the same voltage levels and the chip will see them as the same and charge them just fine.

I don't know why anyone would put anything but a rechargeable in one of these.


As I have since found out that these types of rechargables are commonly available - I wouldn't want to use non-rechargables either. I thought they were some specialty battery no longer available, As it is, you can get them out Radio Shack - neat!


I use Panasonic NiMH cells, and they charge to 1.4V, closer to the 1.5V of alkaline cells than the 1.2V of any NiCd cells I've ever used. Guess we've got to start checking that on a cell-by-cell (or mfgr-by-mfgr) basis, too.


They will charge just fine in the Xpander.

Are you sure about the 1.4? Is is spec'd at 1.4 or do you just measure that? What is the part Panasonic number?

I just checked the Panasonic NiMH battery list and don't see any 1.4V cells.

But in any case, your comment doesn't conflict with what I said above.

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My boss (who knows everthing) says that the NiMH batteries hold much closer to full voltage under a load than alkaline or NiCAD. Low internal resistance. Now I don't know about what kind of load an Hp expander would put on these, but might it be that the other batteries drop closer to 1.2V under load anyway? ...Just pondering...


Batteries are spec'd at a specific voltage. That is what we should be talking about.


It wasn't much of a "point" at all. It was just an observation, that when one is looking for compatibility in cells, one might want to look past the label. I use Panasonic HHR-3UP AA NiMH cells with 1600mAh capacity. They are labeled 1.2V on the sides, but many of them tend to measure out to just under 1.4V. I got them cheap (that may be why), but I've had no complaints with them sofar, except that I can't seem to find a couple of them. They're kind of goofy things, but then I've just made (or am making) the switch from alkalines and MiCd's to NiMH cells, so I'm still learning about them. I've already saved quite a bit of money on them, so that's one thing I'm glad I'm learning.

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