HP 28S Right Side is Dead


Any ideas on how to repair a 28S? I dropped it, the right half came apart slightly, scrambled the keys, but when I reposition them, I can't get the case to seal and the keys have no pressure. How do you get the case apart and can it be resealed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Less than a year after I bought my 28C (new) several of the keys on the left side quit working. When I called the HP repair center and asked about returning it under warranty, the technician told me to try blowing around the keys with compressed air first, as that usually fixed it. He said that's exactly what they do, and if it didn't solve the problem they just threw the calculator away and replaced it with a new one as HP considered the 28 non-repairable. Maybe the S version was different but I doubt it. And in fact, blowing mine out "fixed" it, and I've been using it as my everyday workhorse with zero problems since.

Which doesn't necessarily help you since you've opened up the case, but it may explain why you're having so much trouble getting it back together.

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