JYA just mentioned ROM 1.20 for the 49G on c.s.hp48


He was talking about ROM 1.19-7 and then he put in parentheses "(officially ROM 1.20)".

I've asked a follow-up out there, but the obvious leap to make is that ROM 1.20 is what the 49G+ will use and I would have every reason to think it would work on existing 49G calculators.



Hi, Gene;

is JYA "back to business"? Just to know.

Another thing I'd like to figure out: for what I could see, the HP49G+ has about the same memory amount already available in former HP49G: 512K+800K against 256K + 1024K (if not rounding, it's even closer)

Am I getting things wrongly? I read the PDF announcement and understood that. Any lacks of reasoning?

If so, the new O.S. fits in former HP49G UNLESS the new processor is used in a different way, meaning internal resources not existing in previous models that are explored by the new O.S.

My 2¢.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 6 Aug 2003, 9:27 p.m.


I suspect they had the original 1MB of flash but have taken away roughly 200K for system enhancements...kinda like the most recent ROM takes 64K away.

For what? I don't know, but that's my guess.

Maybe HP reached a buy agreement with JYA and BP to buy the rom update?


Hi, Gene;

if I am not wrong, this is enough to add the Equation Library and additional resources to access its data. I read that Equation Library is sharing space with CAS in the HP49G+. If so, welcome!

Forgive me folks if I repeat the fact I'm a teacher all the time. So, let me add that I tell my students that information already existing somewhere must only be found. There was a time that knowing some sort of information by heart was a privilege; I thing that knowing how to find some sort of information is the key for today's professionals. We have virtual libraries in CD's or DVD's, no paper, no forest destruction. For itself, this achievement is a good justification. Based on this, I think that having basic equations already stored in a pocket calculator the way they are, together with CAS in one single unit, is something I cannot disregard. Although many contributors in here express their "worries" for the HP49G, I look at it and see the first HP pocket calculator with "upgradable" O.S., something that neither the HP48G has. And this is something that counts a lot for me. If the HP49G+ is actually an enhancement, I'll find a way to have one.

I'll wait to see.

Luiz (Brazil)

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