just got HP12C-Plat. spam from HP


Since I've sent a couple of emails to Lee-Kuan Goh and Fred Valdez of HP (two of their calculator marketing dudes) I guess I ended up on their spam list.

Got an email last nite - HTML! - extolling the virtues of the 12CPlatinum. No new info, no new info on other HP calcs.
May just be a replay of a prev brochure, etc. so I didn't bother cutting/pasting it to the Forum here.

HP, if you're gonna spam me, please do it in ASCII.

HTML emails are just plain *rude*.

Bill Wiese
San Jose, CA


We know, but you can't do spiffy marketing stuff in plain text.


If you ARE indeed in the HP calc mktg department, you should know it's RUDE to email in HTML. In fact, I'm trying to set up my email now so that all HTML stuff goes into the spam bucket.

If this is a prank msg from Norm, that's cool too :)

HP, save your HTML marketing efforts; it'd be far wiser to put the manpower into fixing bugs in the HP12CP firmware!

And bring back a good RPN calc, dammit!

Bill Wiese
San Jose, CA


Surely it's no coincidence that HP (and other brands') calculators got pointlessly glitzier at the expense of usability about the time college kids started graduating after their visual incubation in an HTML world.

It's more important that products look like pieces of Flash animation than that they be well-thought-out tools . . .

. . . and don't call me Shirley.


a very good idea you have there. i wouldnt be surprised if those fiendishly clever people at kinpo handnt already put a html browser inside the new hp models.

that way the whole operation would be html driven including bits of javascript to do the actual math.

moaney old beards pining over rpn could then upload their favourite java 41c/34c/whatever emulator and weep. that'll stop 'em :-)

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