Help to install libraries in HP49


HI there!

I just bought a HP49G and I started downloading programs from the internet ( *.lib) can anyone tell me how can I install them and make them run. (or just tell me in which part of the manual this thing appear)

Many thanks


The program's that you have downloaded are zip files. Unzip them and you'l usualy find a textfile that tells you how to install the library's, and how the work on your calculator.. To download program's to the calculator you need a program called HPcomm. You can get this program at . In this program there is the 'help'function on the upper bar. Here you can find out how to bring program's from the pc to your calculator.



The info you seek is (unfortunately) not in the standard manual shipped with the 49G. Download the Advanced Users Guide for the 49G from the HP calculator site

Download the Advanced User's Guide. Refer to the section on Memory page 11-16. This tells you what you are looking for.

Hope this helps.


Thank you simmer for the information you sent me, but I am afraid that there isn't any page 11-16 in that advanced User's Guide. I will appreciate if you could help me to find a solution to my problem.

Many thanks


I did that already, but the problem is that the file of the program is a library file and I don't know how to run it, can you help me?


hey macutan

i dont have much experience on the hp49g but on the hp48g to load a library i recall the library to the stack

eg for a game called tetris this is how my stack looks

4 : 3 : 2 : 1 :Library 1117:tetris

then i type 0 then STO

this stores the library tetris to port 0 (zero) or if i have a card in port 1 i could store the library in port 1 (i would type 1 STO )

the next thing i usually do is turn the calculator off and then on again . this usually loads the library file to my hp48s inbuilt library (-> 2 ) it automatically loads because the library (in most cases) has a routine created by the person who made the library but if it doesnt automatically load then i have to attach the library (hp49 has the ATTACH function too ) to the home directory using the libraries distinct number (eg for tetris use 1117)

4: 3: 2: 0:1117 1: ATTACH

notes ----- * tetris is not contained in a library numbered 1117 this is only an example * this method works (i think ) on the hp48g and probably also on the hp49g (can someone test this for me )

hope this helps


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